Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Beginning

January 19, 2011

So, today’s lecture was based primarily on society’s “Leviathan”. The Leviathan is supposed to be representation of sovereignty. I suppose in society that Leviathan would, of course, be government, media, and upper class society. A good point was brought up today. Figuring out yourself and figuring out society is all the same thing. So, I have an idea what society’s Leviathan is, but what is my Leviathan? Who or what controls me and keeps me in order. Is it myself? Perhaps it is my parents?

Another thing that stuck with me is that instead of saying “because it’s wrong”, “because it’s not allowed”, or “because it’s against the law”, the teacher said “that’s not who I am.”

“That’s not who I am.” That’s probably the greatest quote ever. Who can argue with that? Sure you can say “It’s against the rules.” But if someone still asks why, you can’t go past that. However there is one problem of saying, “that’s not who I am.” If some asks, “well, who are you?” you have to be able to answer it.

Do I really know who I am? I can say that I am a white female in college. I can tell you the things I like and I don’t like. I can tell you where I like to go and what I like to eat. But, is that really telling you who I am? Do I only go as deep as my hobbies? Why do I do good things? Is it because my parents say so? Why do I do bad things? Is that because my parents don’t want me to? Why do I have the morals I have? Is it because God said so? Or is it because the preacher said so? All of these questions go through my mind when I ask the question of who am I.

Perhaps this Sociology class can help me figure these questions out. Why do I hate, or love, and why can I be independent single, but I’m always so codependent in relationships? Whatever the answers are I’m sure they are out there somewhere.

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