Monday, January 24, 2011

I wanted those breadsticks..

What makes people so stupid? 
I mean really... there is no sense in half of the things people do...
I personally do stupid things when I have to make quick choices.

"would you like some more bread sticks?"
"no thank you...."
*free bread stick lady walks off*

Other times I believe its just laziness...
Like righ now for example
I've been typing on my comuter for a few hours now and im at a rocking table..
it keeps wiggling and getting on my nerves... there are two other tables in this room...
but Im too lazy to get up and move... :(

What about the miscelaneous stupidity?
like when moms have babies riding around in the front seat of the car?
or when people turn their buggies sideways in stores so nobody can gracefully get past them...
Or the people at restaurants that wait until they get up to the register to decide what they want with a whole line of people behind them??
Or people who choose NOT to punch their kids in the face when they are acting like demons in walmart.

Okay, maybe the last example was a bit harsh.
but the point is made.

I'm not sure why I decided to write on this topic...
Maybe because I was at school 30 minutes early and still was late because my college decided it would be super hillarious to have half as much parking space than is needed...
Maybe because I'm procrastinating the English paper I should be writting right now..

Either way... This is my topic. :)

Back to my question...
Why are people stupid?

Post your opinion... even though I have about -4 followers...
maybe I'll pick up some more. :)

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